Construction to Start May 4th, 2016

Construction of the West Dimond Blvd Upgrade – Phase I Westpark Drive to Sand Lake Road will begin Wednesday, May 4th.

To sign up for newsletters and road closure notices, please email MOA Project Administrator, Julie Makela at requesting addition to the West Dimond Boulevard email list.

Who should I call during construction if I have questions?
MOA Project Inspector – Matt Newton  or  907-727-8351 (cell)

MOA Project Administrator – Julie Makela, PE  or  343-7598 (office) 317-7428 (cell)

Contractor – Quality Asphalt Paving (QAP)
Office number 770-0803

A summary of the questions and answers from the April 28th, Pre-Construction Open House are available on our Documents Page.  Thank you to those who attended the open house.

Click here to see the map of project improvements that were presented at the recent Pre-Construction Open House:  West Dimond Blvd Upgrade- Phase I Overall Project Design